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With his acoustic guitar, Carlos Torres Maures will surprise you and take you on a meditative journey. Multi-instrumentalist musician, passionate about stringed instruments, he is trained in Mexican and French popular music, he also develops as a protest singer in the context of the great Mexican university strike of the years 99-2000. He composes for plays and also develops his own introspective therapeutic

More than a personalized artistic work, a deeply human experience! Have you ever dreamt to have your or your family portrait and to live a real human experience You will experience a moment of sharing, a recognition and a confirmation of “who you are”, here and now. Through her drawings (Black and white or coloured), by not taking her eyes off you and in one go, Véronique van der Wielen immortalizes an invisible movement, an energy or an emotion. AN INCREDIBLE MOMENT

Conference-Talk-show "Quand la philosophie se veut photographique" Subtile is delighted to welcome Rick Serrano, painter, philosopher and lecturer and the photographer and short stories teller Alexandre Aldavert currently exhibiting in our gallery to converse about human nature, its beauties and its imperfections. Together, Rick and Alexandre will unveil the philosophical currents that inhabit Alexandre’s resilience-resistance photographic series in a warm and friendly atmosphere.check HERE  

Far from finding wonder in the extraordinary or the exceptional, Alexandre Aldavert (France) reveals it in the fragility of the elements, in this nature that we see without ever looking at it. He creates or seeks out these organic landscapes where scenes are woven that remind us of our humanity. All rights reserved @alexandrealdavert   One never arrives at art and more precisely at photography by

Paulina Barón, this young and talented Mexican artist coming from Guadalajara is staying Luxembourg during the exhibition. She proposes expressive colouring, imaginative and turbulent abstract paintings. As she explained «When I paint I put my soul and my body into it, I give all my energy and it takes me a while to come to my senses. » I think when looking at her painting

art, wine tasting and Live electro-music on 27 October 2022 What about a gathering event around wine and art? Good wine + Painting + live electro music in an art gallery with 2 fantastic artists Charlie Ysasi and Paulina Baron? Gildas, from In Vino Gildas proposes a selection of 4 dyed grape varieties as an ode to the current exhibition. Limited seats…,