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Let’s Become an Actor of What we Observe and Rediscover the Essence of our Senses

The aim of such observation moment – and at Subtile, it is not only art but our objects and the scenography which was thought like that – is to bring serenity and plenitude. Take your time to observe. When we observe, we inspect, study, pay attention to, and think about what we’re looking at. This is a great framework for looking at art.

While looking at art provides us with an opportunity to really discover what intentions the artist had, how the piece relates to us, and gives us time to appreciate the artist’s skill.

There are different techniques and questions to achieve it,
a few examples are:

  • How does the piece feel balanced or unbalanced?
  • What equipment would have been needed to create it?
  • Can you see brushstrokes? What kind of energy do they have?
  • Does the piece bring to mind any of your own life events or memories?

I guess you understand from this approach that we are not a gallery. We are a space of all possible and the possible is feasible through communication and human relationships. Therefore, when you enter into our bubble to visit an exhibition or find the rare and unique object or listen to our concerts, let’s share your thoughts and feelings.

Original Artworks For Sale

We have not yet defined a specific focus on what we present but what you will see, any piece, has been chosen with the heart and the pleasure to make you discover it and maybe appreciate it as we do.

Being Belgian, you might see a focus on Belgian crafts and artists, but Belgium, with its central position in Europe, has always been a place of exchange where the newest ideas in the aesthetic field were enthusiastically received, often even before these avant-gardes were recognised in their own country (according to the Tavet-Delacour museum, France).

Crafts, Ceramics & Unique Objects

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