Laurence De Tapol-Nesson
  -    -  Laurence De Tapol-Nesson

Laurence De Tapol-Nesson, Luxembourg

Discover the soothing photographic work of Laurence de Tapol-Nesson. Laurence has a very pictorial approach to photography and captures simple but charming or playful scenes of life and interiors that touch us. Discover her cross-interviewed with Anne Loriers, another artist who exhibited with Laurence during the summer 2022:

Laurence’s work, which we have already had the chance to expose, is blurred and slow but really engrained in our daily lives. Every photo or video can be us, at home, with a member of our family. These scenes are suggested or suggestive but beautiful, so beautiful by their colours and the atmosphere that emerges from them.

A kind of photographic Hopperism which leads us to hesitate between melancholy and plenitude. For this exhibition, Laurence goes further: already in the choice and format of her photos but also by devoting herself to video, an art so little approached by women. Here again, we could spend hours watching these slow movements, this time that does not pass or passes so slowly that we forget that we are in the real world.

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