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Alexandre Aldavert
Alexandre Aldavert, an artist driven by wonderment, embarks on a journey of creation, placing enchantment at the core of his imaginative process. He unravels the assumptions surrounding nature and its representations, giving voice to the silent essence of life itself. He uses his talent for photography to create a gentle, tender way of questioning our relationship with sensitivity, with living things and with the environment.

Le Chemin de traverse

Alexandre does not use shortcuts – on the contrary to this photography’s title- to explore the unseen beauty of nature at night. Where this path will lead you to? Is there always a path to overcome the unexpected ? Can the beauty and the fragility of what surrounds us give us the courage we need? This is a short sample of questions arising when admiring Alexandre’s photographies.
This serie Resilience résistance impressed by its unusual quality of close up details.

Le Sacre du Verger

The Oracle. This new series in the making, is a fiction, a puzzle of the imagination where each piece is a story that contributes to the telling of a larger fiction. Each photograph features a fictional character and his or her story, which is part of a form of storytelling. With these encounters, Alexandre doesn’t cling to reality, He leaves total freedom to the imagination. Alexandre is as well fully involved in the printing and framing process of his photographies.

La couleur des Abysses