Manuel Leromain
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Manuel Leromain, Belgium

From clothes to tablecloths, from blankets to cushions, to carpets and tapestries; inspired by the ordinary, from everyday objects and by varying the techniques of textile creation, Manuel Leromain stands out by his graphic design and his attraction for colour.

His collages, drawings and photographs draw the contours of a light and joyful atmosphere.

An invitation to travel.

His tapestries are woven on an industrial loom in Waarschoot near Ghent at B&T textilia (thus made in Belgium). The company has inherited the whole culture of the Flemish tapestry culture, which is why it continues to weave upholstery fabrics that are close to the traditional weaving techniques of tapestry.

Manuel spent a year working in parallel with the weaving business, working on an artisanal loom, to find out what weave and colours (i.e. the interweaving of the threads) he wanted to achieve. He also worked with a woven colour chart, in the form of a grid, in order to imagine the right associations of colours between them, knowing that there were more than 300 possibilities.

Radiant, striking and above all brilliant, the “Goal” carpet series is inspired by the graphic organisation of supporters’ scarves. But above all it is the play of lines and geometrical shapes that we perceive without artifice. Stripped of all motifs, the associations of complementary colours take on their full meaning in this composition of three carpets that make you turn your head and fall over backwards.

Manuel’ s beautiful contemporary tapestries are visible in our gallery since March 2023.

He will represent Belgium, among 13 other designers selected by Belgium is Design  for the next Satellite Fair during the Milano Design week in April 2023.


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