-  News   -  Tribes: Ceramic Sculptures by Tania Wolski (BE)
Tania Wolski

Tania Wolski

In a time when the global population raises questions, Tania Wolski creates Clay Tribes. Imaginary peoples coming to life and strength in a soil of unrecorded archetypes, postures, and multiple emotions…

They cast their gaze upon our era and its singularities, sketching dialogues among themselves and with us… By leading us to the delicate border between our imagination and their materiality, Tania Wolski’s tribes connect us with our inner dialogue.

Tania Wolski

Sometimes gendered, but all – without exception – lacking mouths, they remind us that communication doesn’t only rely on words, even though words form its foundation. Her Tribes tell their stories and our stories. Without words, making us speak of them, they make us speak of ourselves.

The artist’s art, in all its disciplines, is to convey dialogue and emotion through their medium. A mastered art for Tania Wolski’s Tribes, inviting us into her inner world: where everything is but words, connection, and life. Where her many tribes gather, separate, wander, and evolve along their own paths.

To be discovered in the Gallery from 21 March 2024.