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Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, these Belgian cities are recognized for their creativity and multi- culture approach to design. It’s in the center of Europe, in this small country, that talents are discovered. Several Belgians are design pioneers, such as Marcel-Louis Baugniet (1896-1995), the De Coene brothers (1895) or Maarten Van Severen (1956-2005). This latter founded his workshop in 1987 to create basic furniture (chair, table, cabinet) in limited editions. He also designed for major companies such as Vitra and Kartell. And how can we not mention the LCP chair? It’s a design icon that Maarten signed for Kartell in early 90’s. This lounge chair is formed from a single extrusion of clear acrylic plastic which folds back on itself to create its distinctive, curved form. She’s even exposed in the MoMA in New-York.

You now understand our interest into those designers, who are closed to Luxembourg which enable us to enhance our local approach to design. There are so many talented Belgian designers that we selected a few for you that you can find in our gallery.

We recently found a incredible pair of spiral stools (circa 1990) in suar wood sculpted by Olivier de Schrijver (1958), a Belgian designer famous for his mirror inspired by Vasarely. Those stools can as well served as side tables, stands for sculptures or plants.

Another collaboration that we are very proud of given their talents is the company Nestor&Rotsen a Belgian craftman approach to design built by 2 brothers in Flanders. They use natural elements and artisanal techniques. From marble powder tables in organic shapes to ceramic tables, cabinets, shelves, light objects with endless colors. All can be customized based on your needs and we can guide you through the samples we have in our gallery.

I as well recently discovered by chance this gem of a handmade lamp workshop in Brussels. Those 2 craftswomen create unique lamps with recycling objects and fabrics they bring back from India or Indonesia. As an example this pair of standing lamps made of Indian bracelets for the lampfoot and a beige sari for the lampshade. Again here, should you have a specific request, you will be amazed by all the customized possibilities that we can guide you through.

This is on top of our collaboration with Atelier Vierkant (from Ostende) or yet Atelier Pierre Culot (Grey-Doiceau) and this is certainly just the beginning of ….our Belgian story!


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