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Sculpture Gilliane Warzée
Every encounter with an artist sparks a collaborative process at Subtile Gallery. With Gilliane, known for her breathtaking paintings, we envisioned something beyond – a sculpture at the forefront of the gallery, engaging passersby and curious people. Gilliane, having previously worked on a painted sculpture for Kiwanis, embraced the idea. Over two years, the concept flourished. This collaborative journey, where artists find inspiration and face new challenges, is what I strive to cultivate. Now, two years later, we see the culmination of that creative exploration. Discover the creation process of the sculpture:

Aher huge sculpture at the entrance of the gallery, SOL/LUNA (2023).
Grateful for the connection with such a multifaceted artist and inspiring individual.
Join us for the opening this Thursday 14/12 5-9pm. Exhibition till 28/01/24.
Gilliane Warzée was born on December 19, 1977 in Bastogne, Belgium. She is a nurse at the Kirchberg Hospital but is also a graduate of the Institute des Beaux-Arts Arlon, where she studied painting from September 2006 to June 2009.

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