Contemporary Art Exhibition: Animae by Gilliane Warzée (BE) 14/12-28/01/24

  • 14 December 2023
  • Subtile

The ease with which she translates the nerves beneath the skin, the sparkle in a gaze, or the sensuality of a curve into lines, shapes, and colors with such confounding naturalness is not given to everyone (François Liénard, extract of Gilliane Warzée’s book).

Gilliane Warzée

Kitsune, Gilliane Warzée


Gilliane Warzée was born on December 19, 1977, in Bastogne, in Belgium. While being a nurse at the Kirchberg’s hospital, she is also a graduate of l’Institut des Beaux-Arts d’Arlon, where she takes lessons from September 2006 to June 2009. Portraiture is her theme of choice. Faces fascinate her. They are the physical reflection of the inner self. Through their representation, the technique and the colours used, she tries to suggest emotions, feelings, and the character’s thoughts with a view to make her pieces as humanistic, expressive, and interactive as can be. Her paintings bear each a symbolic title linked to the primary emotion felt in contact with her models. She transmits them her energy, her deepest impulses and her sensibility.

Gilliane Warzée

Clair-Obscur, Gilliane Warzée

During her creative process, she has rapidly preferred the expression of the knife, conducive to working with matter and light, and married it with oil paint for its intensity, brilliance, and unparalleled color nuances. Thanks to the use of fluorescent pigments, her canvases take on a fantastic effect in the dark, offering a more ephemeral and imaginative interpretation of her craft. For four years, Gilliane has incorporated the airy allure of aerosol paint, providing a stark contrast to the spatula’s matter.

Feminity has long been at the heart of her artistic journey. It was during her first experience of motherhood that she revealed herself to painting. She paints today’s women with still the same unwavering force, fascination and obsession, which emphasizes the women’s perpetual quest for freedom and equality in society.

While humanity remains the core of her art, totemic animals now emerge in her artistic stride. Guided by her spiritual entities, she explores the mystical union of man and beast. Each canvas pays homage to these guides, evoking a world rule by nature’s ancestral strength and wisdom. In these works, she melds human and totemic animals with marked intensity and respect, underlining her commitment to this new facet of her artistic identity.


Gilliane Warzée

Champawat, Gilliane Warzée

Her painting lies between the lyricism of Renaissance art combined with a vibrant touch reminiscent of early 20th-century Expressionist painting, and the ultra-contemporary flair of street art, using sprays and incorporating fluorescent colors. A style so distinctly her own, making her mark truly unique.

After more than a year exhibiting at the emblematic  AM TUNNEL gallery in Luxembourg and her immeasurable success, including a commission for a portrait of the Grand Duchess by His Royal Highness the Grand Duke in admiration of her “knife” method, Subtile is honored to welcome Gilliane, an extremely outgoing and generous artist, for this new totemic portraits series.

Subtile is very proud to also welcome Gilliane’s first sculpture. It will greet you at the entrance of our entrance alley. An immediate and profound immersion into the universe of this talented artist who, through her art, seeks answers to her own spiritual inquiries.


Come to discover it from Thursday 14 December (opening 5pm-9pm) and then till 28/01/2024.




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  • Time : 17:00 - 21:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)

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