Art and wine have in common the material, a raw, sensitive material. The artist and the winegrower draw their inspiration from the living, and this since Antiquity. It is therefore natural that Catherine, Subtile and Gildas, In vino Gildas invite you to an "oenoartistic" evening on Thursday 27/10 at 7pm. Come and taste a selection of 4 dyed grape varieties (red), with a high colour density, as

  Opening Evening on 21 June 2022 - 6.30pm Exhibition 24 June - 11 September 2022   How can one not be lost for words when it comes to describing  the different artistic forms that are proposed by these 2 artists: photos and videos for Laurence, drawings and paintings for Anne. A real complementarity in the tranquillity and finesse of their work from which one feels an

Subtile with the participation of Editions Muséal and the support of Féminin Pluriel Luxembourg is pleased to invite you to the Charity Walking Dinner which is organised in the framework of the opening of the exhibition (2/06-19/06/2022) of the internationally renowned artist HEDVA SER. As Hedva is UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Culture Diplomacy and a UNESCO Artist for Peace, it is our duty at

  Opening Evening on 31 March 2022 - 6.30pm  Exhibition 31 March - 15 May 2022 drawing - sculpture - colour - material Subtile is delighted to welcome this artistic couple: KIKI TONNERRE I discovered them last year in May, while visiting a beautiful artistic town in South of France, Arles. I chose the destination because of the opening of the LUMA, but I was one week too early.

  Opening Evening on 3 February 2022 - 6.30pm Exhibition 3 February - 13 March 2022 Subtile is pleased to welcome 2 incredible women: Belén Irazola and Pauline Ohrel. Both ladies are friends and have been knowing each others since a few years. They share the same passion of art and the same eager to sweat their feelings and emotions through their artistic gesture. One is impatient

  VERNISSAGE 16 DECEMBER 2021 FROM 3PM On the occasion of the exceptional exhibition at the Damien Coméliau Gallery, Subtile would be honoured to welcome you to its opening on Thursday 16 December from 3pm. Works of high quality by Belgian painters such as Jean Rets, Louis van Lint, Edgar Scauflaire or Léon Wuidar as well as tapestries by Jean-Michel Folon or sculptures, everyday objects and

  Digital NFT Art is Booming, Are you In?  Phillip Fotheringham-Matt and Subtile are! With the Kind Support of our Partners Deloitte and Elvinger Hoss   It started with a body balance, then a hand and it ends on a distributed ledger. As Phillip Fotheringham-Matt, our English artist who lived in Luxembourg for a few months explained: “There was lovely woman called Annie that was one of the yoga

  Two great artists to translate their vision of the equilibrium. EN FLOTTAISON refers to the luxury and calm state that soothes yourself and (re)connect with your primary emotions and thoughts. This sensation reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain, and develops the creativity. By visiting this exhibition, you will feel being in a sensory chamber! Ruben Vidal graduated at the School of Applied Arts of Zaragoza

    Falk Schornstheimer lives and works in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. He followed drawing lessons with Karlheinz Oswald for many years (subject drawing and nude) and studied art history in Cologne completed by further artistic training at the International Summer Academy Salzburg and the Städelschule-Adult Education, among others. Falk Schornstheimer is interested in a reduction of colour and form that leads to a high level of

Marie-Odile TURK-GAILLOT a trouvé la voie qu'elle convoitait déjà à 16 ans lorsqu'elle compléta un dossier pour entrer à l'école des Beaux-Arts de Metz en se mettant à la peinture après la naissance de son 2ème enfant. C'est en visitant l'atelier d'artiste d'une amie lors d'un séjour prolongé en Angleterre qu'une révélation s'est manifestée: Peindre était ce qu'elle voulait faire à partir de

Subtile est ravi d'accueillir Annaïg Giquel-Donadieu, française, habitant au Luxembourg depuis bientôt 10 ans. Son parcours juridique ne l'a pas empêché de développer continuellement ses connaissances dans ce domaine et de parcourir sa région natale, la Bretagne, pour se laisser subjuguer par la beauté des lieux et les mémoriser pour les emporter avec elle ici à Luxembourg. Après une formation au MoMA et