-  News   -  Contemporary Art Exhibition: Untold Stories by Massimo Beni (LU) 13/6-8/9/2024
Invitation Massimo Beni

Massimo Beni is a Luxembourgish painter who paints every day for pleasure, out of desire, and passion.

Massimo Beni autoportrait

Massimo Beni, photo credit @Christian De Nicolo

He does not paint to please others but as an outlet for the frustrations he encounters or hears about that shape our increasingly complex society, so his work becomes more intricate over the years. I discovered Massimo’s work during his previous exhibition in Esch-sur-Alzette two years ago. I was fascinated by the cubist and figurative nature of his oil paintings.

La souris blanche/Le chat Massimo Beni

Despite the strong messages conveyed through his work, the bold, pure colors, and stripes bring genuine cheerfulness and vibrancy. It’s like a call to remain optimistic and believe in humanity and its strength to build a tolerant world. Playful elements, generous forms, retro atmospheres, plants, and symbolic objects with a touch of humour are almost systematically found in his works.

Massimo grew up in Luxembourg and has been working in the same company for over 30 years. He impresses with the stereotypical aspect and the image one may have of an artist, but his approach to life, professional loyalty, and rigor create a contrast that one desires to discover and perhaps reassure.

Le Barbier, Massimo Beni

Le Barbier, Massimo Beni

His modernist symbolic paintings are rare to come across these days, and I warmly invite you to discover them from June 13th to early September in the gallery. A very beautiful and abundant selection awaits you for a subtle journey.

Massimo Beni, his atelier

                                                 Photo credit @Christian De Nicolo

The exhibition will take place from 13 June till 9 September 2024.

Opening Event on Thursday 13 June @6-9pm with DJ Double P

We look forward to welcoming you with Massimo! Let us know if you will join us on 13 June.

Registration for the opening on 13 June: