-  Events   -  ​Sculpted Scent – A symphony of Haute Parfumerie & Haute Couture – 5/10-7/10/2023

We welcome you from 5 to 7 October 2023 to immerse yourself in the world of ATELIER FLOU (Luxembourg) & MONA WIE (Belgium), where timeless elegance meets minimalism.

Sculpted Scent – A symphony of Haute Parfumerie & Haute Couture


​Atelier Flou has partnered with Mona Wie to curate an exclusive experience that harmoniously blends haute parfumerie with haute couture, in exquisite mise-en-scènes.

Atelier Flou

MONA WIE explores the art of making clothes, while placing priority on timeless and feminine silhouettes, strong shapes, highest-quality Italian fabrics, and most importantly, natural fits. We are interested in helping women create a curated wardrobe.Our design mission is ethical and earnest: to produce considered garments that make a social statement. Starting from the materials and the way they are sourced, to production and distribution.


Haute parfumerie is a noble centuries-old craft, the great tradition of which is perpetuated by Maison Atelier-Flou. The master perfumers of Atelier-Flou meticulously choose the rarest natural essences, blending them patiently with unique known-how based on experiense, passion and a few well-kept secrets, until the desired composition takes shape.


05 Oct 2023Opening party
7:00 PM9:30 PM

Friday 6 October 2023: 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday 7 Octobre 2023: 10:00 – 19:00

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