Creativo-Musical Event with Dominique Gringoire (artist collage) and Laurent Payfert (Double Bass) – 16 septembre 2023

  • 16 September 2023
  • Subtile

Event Invitation


Dominique Gringoire, Belgian artist, translates emotions and the unconscious through images.

For DOMINIQUE GRINGOIRE, each collage is a meditative journey, a visual poetry inviting the viewer to travel and engage in dialogue with the images. The principle of surrealism is to create unexpected, disconcerting and incongruous encounters, giving voice to a mysterious and fascinating part of the unconscious.



The artist suggests that we “write a collective story” on September 16, 2023 accompanied by the marvellous sound of the Double bass by one of the best musician of Luxembourg, Laurent Payfert. We will collectively assemble images under the expertise of Dominique and the sound of the double bass by Laurent Payfert to represent our HUMANITY.

Dominique has exhibited in several galleries in Brussels and Antwerp. What I like about Dominique, in addition to the liberated and ‘liberating’ woman, is the humorous and surrealist side that has characterised our Belgian artists for decades. Her work is elegant, dynamic, lively and invigorating.
Dominique will be exhibiting at the gallery between 22 June and 17 September 2023.

Laurent Payfert is born in Luxembourg in 1970. He got a master in jazz double bass at the national Conservatory of Metz (2000). He started to study trupet at the age of 9. At 11, he studied at the conservatory of Metz. Il started electric bass at 14 and double bass at 24 as an autodidact. He discovered jazz at NJP (Nancy), at “caveau des Trinitaires” in Metz and started to study with Loris Binot and Joseph Ramacci.

Laurent Payfert Luxembourg

He met Ricardo Del Fra (master class), Yves Torschinsky (cours), Hein Van De Geyn (stage) et Georges Paczynski,and started to build his jazz sound. He discovered fabulous double bass players like Barre Philips, Mark Dresser, Peter Kowald and Mark Hélias who brought him new musical perspectives.

Laurent Payfert’s musical style is influenced artistically, technically and conceptually by other musicians: Joseph Ramacci, Loris Binot, Ricardo Del Fra, Barre Philips, Steve Lacy, Peter Kowald, Hein Van De Geyn, Noël Akchoté, Kenny Werner, Ari Hoenig, Ron Carter et J. S. Bach.

We had the chance to welcome Laurent last year for a concert with his acolyte Sacha Ley for an incredible concert.

More details about this event:

  • The event will be split into 2 phases: first 30 minutes, collective collage accompanied by the double bass sounds
  • last 30 minutes, a concert by Laurent
  • maximum 20 participants
  • The theme is The Marvellous Power of Images for Humanity
  • The work would then be on view throughout the summer at the gallery or any other place you might consider

What we’re proposing is an immersive experience of playing with words and images together. This allows us to detach ourselves from the mind and acts as a revelation, a guide, a rebus, transporting us into the expression of our creativity and translating ‘intuitive’ language into personal awareness.

PRICE: EUR 35 which includes drinks, concert and collective collage.
The right associated to the collage remains the propriety of Subtile. The participants acknowledge that the result of the collage could be offered to an association through eventually an auction process
Event starts at 7pm
Any question:
By assisting to our event, you understand and accept that pictures and videos will be taken and could be published. Thank you.



  • Time : 19:00 - 21:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)
  • Registration Deadline : 15 September 2023 00:00

Registration Deadline Expired!!

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