New Date! The Art of Jazz Improv by Geoffrey Sabba 5tet and wine: 28 September 2024 @7pm

  • 28 September 2024
  • 21A Avenue Gaston Diderich 1420 Luxembourg

The Art of Jazz Imrpov This concert will showcase our band’s spontaneous solos and unique interpretations of jazz standards. By focusing on improvisation, we aim to capture the creativity and versatility at the heart of jazz, offering an ever-evolving musical experience that keeps the audience engaged and inspired. We will take the audience on an artistic journey through the history of jazz, a quintessentially American art form. Starting with the deep roots of blues, we’ll move through the swinging rhythms of swing, the energetic complexities of bebop, and the smooth, relaxed tones of cool jazz. From there, we’ll explore the vibrant fusion of Latin jazz, the dynamic sounds of jazz rock, and the innovative approaches of contemporary jazz. This progression will illustrate the rich evolution of the genre, providing a diverse and immersive musical experience that paints a vivid, auditory canvas. Join us this 28 of September for a special concert where our band brings the story of jazz to life through spontaneous solos and fresh interpretations.

Originating from French Lorraine, the Geoffrey Sabba 5tet is a vibrant force in thejazz landscape. Directed by its pianist and composer, the group explores a rich blend of jazz infused with classical and funk rock influences. Their wide-ranging repertoire spans classic jazz standards, modern compositions, and innovative original works. This diversity underpins extensive creative improvisation, crucial to the quintet’s distinctive dynamic and engaging live shows.

Jazz Concert Sabba gallery Subtile
G.Sabba and his musicians

You can enjoy a concert in our quaint garden, weather permitting.

Subtile Garden
Subtile Garden


7 pm: start of the musical journey 7.45 pm: wine and gathering

8.15 pm: our musical journey continues 8.45 pm: wine and gathering

Price: EUR 30 (EUR 20 for kids less than 16years old) – 2 glasses of wine or soft drinks – possibility to get more beverages during the evening.

Meal: Possibility to order a plate of cheese and/or ham with Stracciatella with courgettes piece in advance:

EUR 15/plate. Only by reservation! Please send us an email should you wish to have only cheese or only ham (

Plate Cheese

Jazz Quintet Musician

Geoffrey Sabba

Geoffrey Sabba’s musical path began with classical and jazz training at the Conservatoire de la Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette and the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. Since 2018, he has played a major role as pianist and arranger for Duke Box, a swing band that performs for Lindy Hop and Blues dancers in Luxembourg and nearby. In 2022, he started the Geoffrey Sabba Quartet to dive deeper into modern jazz. This quartet explores various jazz styles, inspired by his classical and jazz education, and modern sounds like electric synthesizers and the Fender Rhodes.  

Cyrian Prud’homme, who was born in Metz in 2001, is a skilled trumpet player. His musical adventure started at Woippy’s music school, where he initially picked up the trumpet. At just 12 years old, he was already developing his talents at the Metz Conservatory, exploring the rich landscapes of both classical and jazz music. Nowadays, Cyrian continues to share his love for music, playing the trumpet with diverse groups in the realms of both classical and jazz, illustrating his commitment and enthusiasm for his art.

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Simon Acquaviva, born in Metz in 1990, grew up in a musically diverse family. He began his musical journey with an

acoustic guitar and later studied jazz at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Metz. After moving to Paris for further studies, he co-founded the instrumental free-rock band The Pickles in 2012, recording the EP “Sweet’N’Sour”. Returning to Metz in 2014, he studied piano and trained in Computer Aided Music, co-founding a family project to record
pop tracks. In 2018, he co-founded the Small E.D. Band, a cover band for Eddy Mitchell’s hits. Simon currently studies             jazz guitar and music production at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg Ville.
At just 18 years old, Olivier Kayl has already embarked on a remarkable musical journey, marked by his participation in the 2022 JazzXChange project at the “Like a Jazz Machine” event, reflecting his studies at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg City and the Dudelange School of Music. Having won a 1st Prize in classical percussion last year, he now aims to achieve similar success in drums this year. Olivier’s broad education spans music theory, jazz theory, chamber music, orchestra participation, jazz vibraphone, sight-reading, and jazz drumming, alongside notable achievements in classical music as both a soloist and orchestra member. This blend of experiences has crafted Olivier’s unique musical identity, skillfully integrating the worlds of jazz and classical music at an early age.
Patricio Pato Banda, a versatile soloist, has seamlessly crossed over from classical music to contemporary jazz. His musical journey began in 2006 in German cities like Saarbrücken and Cologne, establishing him as a prominent figure in the European orchestra circuit. Banda’s creative prowess is evident in his album “Everywhere & Nowhere” (2021), featuring renowned tenor player Seamus Blake. Originally a double bass student of José Miguel Reyes, Banda’s classical career flourished with the Orquesta Moderna before advancing his studies in Europe. He has performed with prestigious orchestras such as the Essen Philharmonic and the Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg. Banda’s jazz involvement began with fusion projects, including the album “SCL” (2016) with pianist Orion Lion, leading to his innovative works in contemporary jazz.

  Here are some memorable photos of this jazz group in March 2024 IN OUR GALLERY, performing the standards of Miles Davis. An unforgettable evening that captivated all the guests!

Registration required – Limited Seats Subtile is looking forward to welcoming you for a outdoor musical and delicious evening


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21A Avenue Gaston Diderich 1420 Luxembourg

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  • Time : 19:00 - 21:30 (Europe/Luxembourg)
  • Registration Deadline : 4 July 2024 12:00

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