Step into an evening with the Geoffrey Sabba Quartet as we traverse the musical landscapes shaped by Miles Davis.   From the serene depths of 'Kind of Blue' to the bold frontiers of 'Bitches Brew,' we're setting sail on a voyage to infuse these classic melodies with a fresh spirit. Prepare for a night where jazz's past and future merge, crafted with care and creativity. Originating

  Dominique Gringoire, Belgian artist, translates emotions and the unconscious through images. For DOMINIQUE GRINGOIRE, each collage is a meditative journey, a visual poetry inviting the viewer to travel and engage in dialogue with the images. The principle of surrealism is to create unexpected, disconcerting and incongruous encounters, giving voice to a mysterious and fascinating part of the unconscious.     The artist suggests that we "write a collective

For the opening of our portrait week-end, Carlos Torres Maurer, originally from Mexico but living now in Anvers, musician and guitar professor will touch you by his incredible personality of sensitivity and kindness. His search for answers to complex philosophical questions and his passion for mathematics never leaves him, and by exchanging with him you will explore the foundations of our humanity in

AN IMMERSIVE CONCERT IN AN ACOUSTIC ATMOSPHERE Unique artists, Unique instruments, all weaving together to transport you to another dimension. spark (noun): 1. a very small piece of fire that flies out from something that is burning, or one that is made by rubbing two hard things together, or a flash of light made by electricity 2. a feeling or quality that causes excitement  (Cambridge dictionary)   Come and

    Art and wine have in common the material, a raw, sensitive material. The artist and the winegrower draw their inspiration from the living, and this since Antiquity. It is therefore natural that Catherine, Subtile and Gildas, In vino Gildas invite you to an "oenoartistic" evening on Thursday 27/10 at 7pm. Come and taste a selection of 4 dyed grape varieties (red), with a high colour density, as

  Charlie Ysasi (1993) is a Mexican audiovisual artist, musician, and writer. After his degree in communication and audiovisual arts, and a music production certification by Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has worked on various kinds of creative endeavors, including live sound engineering, movies, tv shows, music production, and teaching music as well as creative techniques. In 2022 he was invited to the ZOIA Bootcamp Workshop by Empress