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Annaig Giquel-Donadieu

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Série Autrement photographies


We all have our opinions, preferences, or ideas when absorbing a work of art and we sometimes even say to our inner selves. I could do that myself, Annaig was initially reluctant to exhibit her work as she had the sentiment that her oeuvre was not yet complete that an element was lacking for it to feel fully accomplished. This is what spurred the idea of bringing the viewer into the heart of the creative process and , and hence allowing the interested buyer to participate in the completion of the composition. The exhibition is split into 2 series, 2 periods of Annaig’s work. The first part of her new series Autrement, Saison I, is based in a unique place in Brittany photographed by Anna•g during the first confinement. Every day, she placed her camera at the same exact spot and took a photograph. She then overlaid photographs taken over several days, vertically, and this because the pandemic has changed the way we see life around us. Our bearings have changed and our points of view have evolved. The final work of art is then completed with a photograph that represents somewhere else, from the time when the world was still considered as normal, albeit still in this verticalized view. Price upon request, all format and support possible, 15 prints maximum. See more from Annaig Giquel-Donadieu.


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