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Digital Art by Phillip Fotheringham-Matt – Blowing Dust

Digital Art by Phillip FM is all purchasable through the platform Kalamint :

Kalamint is the marketplace built on Tezos technology, a green blockchain.  The blockchain is a technology based on blocks which means that once a record has been in the blockchain for a couple hours, changing or erasing it becomes infeasible. This happens because so many other transactions have been built on top of it by then. This technology implies unicity and authenticity. Kalamint was launched in March of 2021 to create, sell and collect NFT’s on the Tezos Blockchain with the goal of representing art, freshness, and color in a decentralized way using FA2 token standard technology and the cheap, fast, and more environmentally friendly gas/ storage costs associated with Tezos transactions.

Current price is 160 Tez.


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Date of initial creation: 23.12.2020

Dimensions: 3900 x 3900

DPI: 1500

Technique: ‘Universal Man’ is the original drawing. Well it is one half of a drawing. Created towards the end of 2018. The final piece ‘Blowing Dust’ was a combination of different pieces. The background from one piece. A layer from another piece. At one point I’d printed an image which was a simple blue layer that looked like a mountain to which I began to draw on once more. Scanning it back into digital. The layer from universal man was added to another background from a different image. It was a complicated process that included some digital paint dots and spray paint effects. The main layer was turned upside down to change the appearance.

Phillipp Fotheringham-Matt, UK

Colour, freedom, perspective, change and imagination. These would be the best words I could use to describe the pieces I create. When considering how to start a drawing I do it differently each time. Sometimes visualising the whole piece, sometimes just beginning at a point and sometimes having some feeling I want to express. 

I enjoy keeping it interesting with the colours, the shapes, always trying to create an illustration different from the one before it. With personal reflection it is clear that there are both external and internal influences at the heart of each piece. There is a distinct order to each physical drawing. That is the way I like to work. Making one after the other providing a sequence of stories. It assists when recalling where, when and in what state of mind I’d been in at that time. 

Mostly creating from imagination I am intrigued and eager to present depth. To bend the eyes and mind of the observer. To create structures and flows that excite, confuse and present altering perspectives with different views.

To preserve the drawings it was natural to take pictures and scan the illustrations. It wasn’t until I was here in Luxembourg that I began to experiment with the images that had been scanned. It was born out of curiosity and an instinct to diversify. Discovering that when layers were lifted, moved and altered there was a complete alteration to the perception, colour or pattern. 

It was like entering a whole new realm of creativity. Each drawing came to life, growing and changing into new and exciting images. Often it was such a surprise to see how the computer programme simplified or exaggerated colours, shapes and direction. It was as if each drawing began a journey of it’s own.

My art is my freedom. It allows the wonder of creation bringing to life something that has never existed before. Extending into photography, digital paint, spray paint and other digital representation of physical artistic tools. 


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