Duo Art Exhibition: Inner Strength – Belén Irazola and Pauline Ohrel – Paintings and Sculptures

  • 3 February 2022 - 3 February 2022

Exposition Belen/Ohrel


Opening Evening on 3 February 2022 – 6.30pm

Exhibition 3 February – 13 March 2022

Subtile is pleased to welcome 2 incredible women: Belén Irazola and Pauline Ohrel. Both ladies are friends and have been knowing each others since a few years. They share the same passion of art and the same eager to sweat their feelings and emotions through their artistic gesture.

One is impatient and uses her canvas to graft her invigorating and emotional encounters onto it, the other is patient and seeks the right gesture that will shape the gaze and provide the transcendent energy to her bronze or wire figures. One plays on the depth of abstraction and its virtues that let us escape towards soothing meanings; the other plays on figuration where the power in the fragility of man is revealed.
But both play on volumes and materials that bring lightness and transparency with an incredible inner strength.

Belén Irazola Uribe

Originally from Bilbao (Spain), Belén Irazola Uribe is a cosmopolitan artist who has lived in Madrid, Paris, Oxford, Bangkok and now Luxembourg. Passionate about encounters and discoveries, she particularly appreciates the international context and the cultural diversity of the Grand Duchy.
From her passion for travel, she has drawn ideas of textures, color composition, details, pictorial “rhythms” that she develops in her works and that she makes vibrate.
Working with acrylics and pigments on canvas, Belén likes to mix techniques and color combinations. Her large contemporary canvases exude a fullness and elegance that are unique.

Belen Irazola
Belén has exhibited in Luxembourg at the FuelBox 3 in 2018, at the Dante Alighieri in 2017, Cercle Munster in Luxembourg in 2016, at the Dante Alighieri in 2015, at the Sotitel Europe Luxembourg in 2015, at the Châteaux de Bourglinster and the Kulturfabrik in 2015, participated 3 years in the Art2cure movement for research against Parkinson’s disease, exhibited also at the Castle of Vianden in 2013, at the Sofitel Luxembourg le Grand Ducal in 2012 and at Capellen in 2011.


Pauline Ohrel.

« In my recent work on wire, I explore the boundaries of design and volume . The ambiguity due to transparency of the material , playing on the perspectives and perceptions, suggests or erases the envelope. The suggestion requires the active support of the spectator / actor .

oiseaux Pauline Ohrel

Pauline Ohrel, Paris, has been obsessed with the observation and thinking of others. A lawyer at the Paris bar, she discovered, one day, an innate talent for sculpture and took evening classes at the École des beaux-arts de Paris. The artist is guided by the attraction of the material, volumes and forms. To better rise towards transcendence.

Her characters follow the strength of her emotions and feelings in vertical and metaphysical movement, fed by pure energy.

Sculpture is for her « an adventure renewed daily , as a source of sensual , aesthetic, intellectual or memorial emotion ».

If the elegant silhouettes and expressive forms of Pauline Ohrel are not all explicitly figurative , they still find their strength in emotions, feelings and human postures fed pure energy .
Having worked conventional materials such as bronze , stone , plaster, wax, for several years, and with success, she now also works wire mesh, giving this material an astonishing nobility.

bronze Pauline Ohrel
The projection in the space of forms which appear in motion , the transparency of the material leads us to a unique balance between volume and lightness , transparency and consistency , representation and evocation .

In 2015, Pauline Ohrel was selected to create the crib for the Madeleine Church in Paris.

“Revealed on the forecourt by a dove in its flight, this crib is presented from the entrance by the announcement of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, bronze sculptures in verticality, in the intimacy of the Baptismal Chapel […]”
The fragility of the grid, the sketch of the human, the animal forms enter in resonance with our emotions and our interior life.

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