Visual Art Exhibition: “Le plus grand bien est peu de chose” Anne Loriers and Laurence de Tapol Nesson

  • 21 June 2022 - 21 June 2022

expo Anne x Laurence


Opening Evening on 21 June 2022 – 6.30pm

Exhibition 24 June – 11 September 2022


How can one not be lost for words when it comes to describing  the different artistic forms that are proposed by these 2 artists: photos and videos for Laurence, drawings and paintings for Anne. A real complementarity in the tranquillity and finesse of their work from which one feels an emergence of total calm. A veritable notion of less being more…..
“The greatest good does not entail much” was proposed by Laurence from the book “Life is a Dream” by Spaniard Pedro Calderon de la Braca. We are not masters of our actions; a higher force leads us despite ourselves, and all the efforts deployed to escape it are a useless evil. But the same does not apply to the good that we can do: it will serve us; it will be counted in another life, which is not a dream.

Laurence de Tapol NessonThis approach resonates with our current existence – these difficult periods that we are somehow navigating. Laurence’s work, which we have already had the chance to expose, is blurred and slow but really engrained in our daily lives. Every photo or video can be us, at home, with a member of our family. These scenes are suggested or suggestive but beautiful, so beautiful by their colours and the atmosphere that emerges from them.

Broken Sunset

A kind of photographic Hopperism which leads us to hesitate between melancholy and plenitude. For this exhibition, Laurence goes further: already in the choice and format of her photos but also by devoting herself to video, an art so little approached by women. Here again, we could spend hours watching these slow movements, this time that does not pass or passes so slowly that we forget that we are in the real world.


Anne Loriers has been a professor of art for over 20 years in Arlon (Belgium) and graduated in painting from the Arlon Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. She is devoted to sharing her creativity and passion for the visual arts with children. At the same time, she continues learning artistic expression, as if she doubted her abilities. She explores new techniques but always with a same high level of finesse.
Anne Loriers

Anne is very bold because she dares leaving a large part of her canvas or paper, empty. Yet this touch of bright blue, always the same, quite unique, between Klein blue and deep sea blue attracts our attention and forces us to discover this subtle and almost erased black drawing that takes a timid place on the paper. Either a hand, a body, a face, a foot, just enough to understand what it is but not too much that would give it away as a ghost or an obscure being or object. Anne has also developed this drawing technique with stamps formed by erasers that she sculpts and places sporadically over her papers. His art is sober and dynamic at the same time.

Anne Loriers

An exhibition where bodies and minds occupy space and for which Laurence and Anne both bring a wonderful feminine touch to art. This exhibition will be held all summer.

Laurence de Tapol Nesson et Anne Loriers

Laurence de Tapol Nesson and Anne Loriers @Subtile

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    • Time : 18:30 - 22:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)
    • Registration Deadline : 21 June 2022 00:00

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