"In the realm of production of objects, the phase of colour application is normally seen as the final act of the process. Instead of finishing a product by just painting it, I started designing from colour, wondering about what it would look like if I stretch, turn or fold the colour as if it were a three-dimensional shape" Germans Ermičs Germans Ermičs was born

On Sunday 25/09 @3 pm, Sandrine Monteiro and Subtile are offering a Workshop Advice on Colours and Materials to anyone interested to be guided into decorative trends or who might have a specific projet ongoing or to come. This event is open to all, is free and in French. Registration required. This very practical workshop will include: - Presentation of the colors palette of Human Colors including

Subtile is glad to welcome the new collaboration of Sandrine Monteiro (smo) and Elodie Lenoir (EL'LE), discover a preview of their new COLORS collection, the trendy colours of 2023. During a week - from 21/9 till 25/9 - you will be invited to experience the new colors palette in a very imaginative and innovative way. Feel and sense them through immersive presentation and effects. For