-    -  contemporary  -  Stools by Yoann Picardi of Eggwave Workset (BE)

Stools by Yoann Picardi of Eggwave Workset (BE)

130.00  Inc. TVA

Moulded Cellulose from Recycled Egg boxes

Diagram: 30cm

Height: 30cm

Possibility to use is as stool or low table (with adjusted table top)

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Stool made from egg cartons. Yoann Picard choose to reutilize materials from our everyday-life to create new ones and respond to a range of current issues. In today’s society with its ecological problems, we must ask ourselves the question of the material we use. Are we really obliged to produce new material for each new object?

Yoann Piccardi is a textile designer who recently won the Wallonie Bruxelles Design & Mode prize at Tremplin 2022. Check more here

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm