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Limoges Porcelain Vase by Marianne Steinmetzer (LU)

600.00  Inc. TVA

Moonlight Serenade cast porcelain vase from Limoges

100% handmade in Luxembourg

Height : 27,5 cm

Diameter of the hole : 6,5 cm

Large diameter : 16 cm

Postal Delivery possible

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Here we have a porcelain vase. Handmade by the Luxembourgish artist Marianne Steinmetzer.

While the classical and sober form of the piece enhances the geometric patterns, the pure white of the porcelain contrasts with the rough appearance of the black inclusions. The artist confronts the taste for perfection with this imperfect aspect of the inserted rectangles, notched, crossed by fine white lines. The raw aspect is accentuated by the “seams” of the mould left visible and the very aspect of the vase where one always detects the handmade aspect of the original that gave birth to the mould.

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Dimensions 16 × 27.5 cm