Gong Bath and Guided Meditation: Last quarter 2023 sessions

  • 24 September 2023 - 17 December 2023

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Welcome to our concert of intuitive music in a lying position. 3 dates are proposed for this last quarter: 24/09 @10am, 20/10@6.30pm and 19/11/2023 @10am. + NEW DATE: 17/12 10AM!

 We will continue our journey towards our inner selves, benefiting from the energy of the art works that are surrounding us, travelling in our imagination, releasing our dreams, awakening our vision.

Gong Bath Subtile

30 minutes of Guided meditation: connecting with art pieces

We will start the session by making contact with the art that is surrounding us in the gallery, influencing us consciously or unconsciously during our journey. What is it telling us? Where does it take us?

A guided meditation to open our imagination and enrich our sound journey.


1 hour: Gong Bath, a sound journey

The Gong is a holistic, powerful vibrating instrument: it produces waves of sound that one can physically feel in the room and in the body, giving the impression of being immersed in a sound bath.

The vibrations penetrate the skin, reach the bones and cells, allowing the body to resonate fully. The richness of the sound, full of harmonics, enables deep relaxation of the mind and emotional harmonisation.

The journey is however unpredictable, sometimes relaxing, sometimes energising, depending on each ones sensitivity.

Gong Bath Subtile

Complementary intuitive instruments are used to enrich this sound experience.

We will end up on a smooth waking up followed by a time for sharing, if wished so.

30 minutes: Regenerating/Energising beverage

Take a moment for yourself after the gong bath to integrate the experience and stay in a cocoon of beauty and inspiration. Your host, Catherine Lebrun, will offer you a healthy drink and tell you more about art and the artists in her gallery.



Building your cosy nest

 It is important that you feel comfortable, as you will be lying down for 60 minutes or more, so bring what you need to feel cosy: a thick floor mat and some cushions for your head and legs, something to cover your eyes, a blanket, etc

An option is to sit on one of Subtiles comfortable vintage armchairs (limited seats).

 Wear a comfortable outfit that leaves your stomach free and Bring some water.


GSM free activity

« Gong vibrations only ». If possible, please leave your phone at home or in your car.

Otherwise, we will ask you to switch it off and leave it at the entrance.

Full price : 35 EUR. In case of booking of 3 sessions: 100 EUR instead of 105 EUR

We look forward to welcoming you for this deep experience.


Valérie Schiel has always been fascinated by the voice. Trained in acting, she worked as a casting director before developing a real passion for sound and free singing. For her, music is more than entertainment: it is pure presence, it is movement and colours; waves of sound and waves of light.

Intuition and improvisation are guiding her. Gong is the perfect instrument to match her voice, just as free and unpredictable.


 A MUST try workshop! you will be amazed by the effect of the sounds on your soul. Book your place, it is limited!

By assisting to our events, you understand that photos will be taken and that some might be published on some media.
No reimbursement if cancellation occurs less than 24h before the start of the event. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Time : 10:00 - (Europe/Luxembourg)

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