Art Exhibition Explorations/Erkundungen by Falk Schornstheimer

  • 17 September 2021



Falk Schornstheimer lives and works in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. He followed drawing lessons with Karlheinz Oswald for many years (subject drawing and nude) and studied art history in Cologne completed by further artistic training at the International Summer Academy Salzburg and the Städelschule-Adult Education, among others.

Falk Schornstheimer is interested in a reduction of colour and form that leads to a high level of abstraction and intensity. Natural tones, simple and raw materials such as iron and earth pigments are used and combined in such a way that they react with each other and create their own structures and textures.

Falk goes even further in his approach to the canvas that look more like textile, metallic, ceramic, leather-like surfaces than “painted” pictures and thus pose a riddle about how they are made. The overall feel and texture of the surface is elegant and classic.

The canvas treated in this way is a reference to human existence. Just as our bodies and skin develop scars, cracks, indentations, bumps, stains, etc., over the years, which we carry as signs of our life experiences.

We are shaped by life and its many forces such as time and chance. And it is essentially these two forces that shape and mould his paintings.

Falk will animate a workshop with livepainting on 30/10 @ 2pm. Interested? You can register here.





    • Time : 10:00 - 18:30 (Europe/Luxembourg)

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