Decoration Workshop: Turn on the Light

  • 9 November 2021 - 9 November 2021

Turn on the Light

Emilie, founder of PIOP. and interior designer specialized in space design in association with Subtile, specialised in unique and contemporary vintage objects, are glad to invite you to this workshop on lighting.

This very practical workshop will include:

– Define the context: What is the natural light of your room, the volumes and spaces, what lighting according to the progress of the daylight.
– Learn some technical notions (lumen, watt, intensity,..)
– Understand the aesthetics of luminaires (materials, spectrum directions,…),
– Determine the desired atmosphere

We will introduce you to exclusive brands such as:

  • EDEN DESIGN and its wall lamp MOON

Moon Eden Design Lamp

  • “AN ATELIER OF OTHERS” with their new COCOON lamps (100% recycled)
  • MME Stoltz iron Wall Lamp

Iron Wall Lamp


  • MOLO STUDIO paper lamp
  • Louis Baillon for Luminalite (1950) vintage wall lamps

Vintage wall lamp

  • Subtile/PIOP creation “Led interaction
  • Various floor lamps

You will get concrete notions that will enable you to choose your lighting in a judicious and …enlightened way 🙂

Start time: 18:00
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 20 EUR

Language: FR, EN

Registration required



  • Time : 18:00 - 20:00 (UTC+1)
  • Registration Deadline : 8 November 2021 00:00

Registration Deadline Expired!!