Marie-Odile Turk
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Marie-Odile Turk, Luxembourg

It was while visiting a friend’s artist’s studio during an extended stay in England that Marie-Odile Turk-Gaillot had a revelation: painting was what was going to nourish her spirit and her existence. Since then, Marie Odile has produced an impressive quantity of essays, sketches and canvases of all sizes. In her early days, the grand gestures that characterise abstract expressionism gave her strength, vigour and contentment. Then, when she discovered the “Demoiselles Avignon” at the MOMA in New York, she was so moved that, on her return to Luxembourg, she produced a series of more than seven paintings, which were exhibited in Esch-sur-Alzette. Tired of canvas on stretcher, she then started to make a plethora of tests on rolls of paper of almost 20m spread out on the ground: stencils, tracings, collages, figurative, abstract, repetitions, everything is represented, drawn and painted with passion. We could not fail to present them and offer them to you as these works are so accomplished and magical. Marie-Odile starts from a photo, rarely from reality, and lets herself be carried away by the layers of coloured acrylics that she juxtaposes and which tell her the path to take. Two of Marie-Odile’s paintings are part of the villa Vauban collection. A local artist who is still too little known to this day. We invite you to discover Marie-Odile’s inner world revealed through her paintings of the last twenty years, with diverse colours and themes but always with the lively and frank brushstrokes that characterise her so well.

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