In an extremely subtle way, this couple will transport you from a world of graphic simplicity to another one made of a profusion of colours.
The fascination for the living is the source of their artistic approach since the creation of this duo formed in 2010 by Julie Conan and Gabriel Pollet.
The notions of fertility, movement and the state of metamorphosis are the roots of their work.
The combination of lines, strokes and dots forms the distinctive basis of their focus from which drawings, sculptures and paintings emerge

Julie and Gabriel started a four-hands composition projection during the confinement after exploring the material available in their atelier. They came across a spool of jute and, added to that the desire for colours, the original idea of separating to paint each one on their side to better find each other by assembling these different strips in a random but aesthetic way.

Gabriel is passionate about mathematics and geometry. He uses the recycled ink from his various works to compose assemblies of shapes, often rectangles, sometimes points or lines which create a visual sensory experience. The firm of art is abstract and futuristic.
Geometric art is the artwork of a non-representative nature that uses straight and curved lines and color to form shapes, patterns, and designs with more complex mathematical features and relationships. The viewer must use its own subjectivity to determine the message behind.
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